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Sarah Beth Doncals

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Pocket πŸ—Ί
Pocket is my senior capstone project. It is an interactive social media and search engine for matching real people with real places to enrich routines and promote community engagement.

I was lucky enough to work on a multitalented team. We were all eager to have a hand on every part of the project. I honed in my focus on research, storytelling and interaction design. I also had a chance to dip my toes in visual design.

My team an I built a website around the product. Check it out here.

Uber Internship 🚚
I joined the Uber Design gang for 3 months during Summer 2019. I was a product design intern on Uber Freight’s Marketplace Dynamics team.

I primarily worked on Uber Freight's web based platform.I completed 3 projects during my internship while also taking on some side projects to help out my co-workers.

I had signed an offer to return to my team at Uber Freight upon graduation. Due to COVID-19, my offer was rescinded.

Google Collaboration 🌩
In fall of 2019, I was the Project Manager for a collaborative project between Google and SCADpro. During this project, I got to hone in on my leadership, organizational and communication skills.

We were given the prompt "How might Google enable local communities during times of crisis?"

Google Raise was the solution after a 10 week sprint from research to prototyping. It allows people from across the globe to donate their money and time to relief organizations that can help communities affected by disaster.

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